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Posted on 22 April 2010

Facebook is a giant phenomenon that has taken on the entire world by storm. A site build by a university student, Mark Zuckerberg just for his Harvard mates, in 2003, later turned on to be this revolutionary site of Facebook, and which also made Mark as the youngest billionaire of all times.

Have you ever considered of the various risks that your posing yourself to when using facebook? If you are planning to register on facebook there are some facts that you need to know and understand. If you are already an existing user, then its better that you deactivate your account rather than creating more problem for your life.

The factors that makes facebook dangerous is listed below:

Addiction: Facebook is now not just a mere website, but an addiction for thousands of people who spend day and nights before the computer screen just playing games on FB, chatting uselessly away, poking their friends, getting into weird groups and the list is endless. An average person spends more than an hour per day on facebook.

People use it at their workplace, undermining their work quality, students use it more, thus end up getting poor grades, and life is totally limited to being virtual. Thousands of people have been reported to be FB addicts and are in a desperate attempt to kick off the habit.

Privacy Policy: FB does show us with its various privacy policy, but that is just the big picture. The fact is that all your information, pictures and personal data is collected by partner companies or even by the American CIA for investigative purposes. Once your on FB there is no privacy. Another issue to consider is that FB does not provide people with the option of deleting their account easily. Rather you can just deactivate your account. To delete the account one has to go in deep into the help link, and it will be deleted only after two weeks. So this too is an intrusion on personal rights and a temptation to people.

Pornography and Harassments: Teenagers on FB think that they are safe from all dangers, however they do not realize the problems of putting up their personal pictures on the site. Friends are added, pictures are tagged and before you know it, you see a nude version of you on the groups. Sexual content is immense, as according to a recent search Facebook stood fifth in terms of search for sexual content. Women and men who want sex post it up on groups and actually meet up with the same people to have it done in real. Other than that there is no control over the flow of sexual language, and other explicit events.

Relationship havocs: Many partners divorced, friends broke up, children and parents fought, simply because of FB. Statuses and comments on FB are the most triggering factors that cause relationship problems. Jealousy, hate, anger all spring up due to a person’s status, which other wise in real life would not lead to such situations. Even murders and kidnappings, theft and rape have known to occur due to revealing information posted on FB.

These facts were just tip of the iceberg of the dangers of facebook. To one advantage of communication and finding lost friends, there are a 101 disadvantages and dangers to deal with. So before you join FB think very carefully as you never know your very life could be at risk.

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