Solar Charger Case For iPhone

Posted on 20 March 2010

The huge variety of apps available for the iPhone depict its extensive usage. Although we all love to play on our iphones and use its wide range of apps, we have to cute down our entertainment time due to low battery. And especially when you are traveling and want to kill some time, the low battery can lead to a real mood swing.

Good news is that a new solar battery charger has been created by Novolink, named Surge solar iPhone case.

Available for $80 only, the Surge case can be used as a solar charger and a case. The integrated solar panels give an output of about 5.5 volts in full sunlight.

This means that if you expose your phone, with the case of course, in full sunlight for about 2 hours, it will will charge your iPhone good enough to get you an extra 30 minutes of talk time on a 3G network or 60 minutes on a 2G network.

The charger comes with some great power management features that also keep it from overcharging. A solar-planning app has also been introduced to help you keep a check on your charging and usage patterns.

However, unfortunately, if it’s cloudy, you can still charge up the case by using a USB cable.

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