Samsung Diva folder S5150

Posted on 29 March 2010

The Samsung Diva folder S5150 is an amazing phone that has the capability of attracting everyone’s attention through its looks.

The phone, which is also known as the “shinier one in the new Diva Collection 2010”, has quite a dazzling look. Offering a 3.2 megapixel camera, external LED display, FM radio and microSDHC slot, the phone doesn’t have much more to offer besides its appearance, which is its biggest selling point.

The is especially appealing to ladies to like to carry small, shiny, glossy cell phones. However, make sure that you do buy a pouch to protect the Samsung Diva folder S5150 from dirt and scratches, as it might cause the device of loose its gloss if it falls on the ground or gets dirty.

The phone has a screen of 2.2-inches, that has QVGA resolution and offers good quality images. However, it might be difficult to use the phone in direct sunlight. The phone may blind you even when closed, forget about opening it.

The Samsung Diva folder S5150 runs almost the same software that was available on the Samsung SGH-G400, which is almost two years old now. One of the added features allows you to place shortcuts directly onto the home screen to gain quick access to different functions.

The phone has an integrated 3.2-megapixel camera. But the phone lacks autofocus and flash. The picture quality is good enough for such a camera, offering bright colors and enough details.

The battery is of superior quality and a single charge provides about 7 hours of continuous talk time and 20 days of stand-by.

Overall, the Samsung Diva folder S5150 is quite disappointing in several ways. But we cannot ignore the possibility that some women may be indeed be attracted by it. However, the company should look into the fact that women too want to have some nice phones that offer more functionalities and are better in every aspect including a better camera and multimedia features.

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