Nokia N6303

Posted on 20 March 2010

Nowadays, more affordable phones are gaining more popularity. Many people want to get a decent phone that offers significant functionality and a large number of features, without spending huge amount of money.

Nokia has always kept this in mind while producing new phones and has successfully targeted this market with its wide range of affordable and nice phones. Nokia N6303 will be another addition to this line matching the needs of a large number of people with its versatile features and attractive price.

The Nokia N6303 mobile phone has a metal casing, which gives it a professional look. Although being slim and small is size, it has the keyboard permanently on the outside, with the buttons well positioned and easy to use. Nokia has maintained its reputation for offering the best primary functionality, that is making the call and receiving it, making it extremely easy for the user to operate the phone.

However, this does not mean that the N6303 is a basic phone. It offers a wide variety of options and accessories. The 3.2 mega pixel camera enables you to take great pictures and make nice videos too.

The phone also has maps integrated, which is very useful for those who have the tendency to get lost often. These Nokia maps are already uploaded when you purchase the phone, so you can use it right away.

The 2.2 inch screen is great for viewing videos and the built in radio is also supported by a generic headphone jack. This is especially because nowadays, most mobile phones these days try to make you buy proprietary headphones and hardware. It is very rare for any phone to offer the usage of any headphones you want no matter which type they are.

There are many more options also available such as the MP3 playing capabilities, and polyphonic ringtone support. This allows you to transfer MP3 files on the phone, and then listen to them wherever and whenever you want, also setting them as your ringtone.

Although this may not be the phone for you if you want some high tech features such as GPS, but it definitely has all the basic features of a nice and decent phone.

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