LG Cookie Plus GS500 Preview

Posted on 11 March 2010

After the successful release of the affordable LG Cookie KP500, which has been the fastest selling cell phone from the manufacturer, LG has introduced its successor, the LG Cookie Plus GS500 with a refreshed overall look and just a few differences in terms of specifications, but the difference are quite big.

The new Cookie Plus comes with 3G, 3.5mm jack and microUSB port, with more significant changes related to its interface and functionality.


Although being made of plastic, the LG Cookie Plus GS500 is pleasant to touch just like the KP500. The overall look has been improved and the phone is more attractive than its predecessor.

Having a display of 3 inches, it features WQVGA resolution and makes use of the resistive technology.

The interface is quite colorful and is easy to personalize. The home screen mainly consists of three pages that include Widgets, Livesquare – which is just like a register of your latest calls and messages, but with some added functionality, and your favorite contacts with pictures.

However, keeping in mind the results of the 3-megapixel camera of the original Cookie, there is not much hope that the Cookie Plus will be any better in terms of picture quality. There are multiple options available that allow you to add some effects, change the white balance and turn on night mode. There are limited video capture capabilities and the maximum resolution is QVGA.

After the great success of the original Cookie, the LG Cookie Plus GS500 has some good chances for too. It is expected that the LG Cookie Plus GS500 will arrive in the market in March, but the final price has not been disclosed as yet.

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