How To Blue jack?

Posted on 02 March 2010

Oh no you have been blue-jacked by some and now you are petrified thinking you have been hijacked or hacked and have no idea what to do??? Calm down, and calm your nerves down. Blue jacking has nothing to do with either hacking or hijacking it is merely a light hearted joke played on people via Bluetooth. This prank is usually transferred via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth-enabled device such as mobile phones, PDAs, Laptops. Breaking the terminology it basically has been derived as following, Blue from Bluetooth and jacking from hijacking. Rest assured that while performing this joke there is no access made to personal information or private data.

It basically involves in sending an unsolicited message to individuals who either have their Bluetooth switched on or have forgotten to switch it off. Since there is a possibility that people are able to send viruses and other malicious software’s to cell phones and laptops. This has been introduced merely to give a jump of heart to the receiver. One is left to wonder in fear that he is done for the day, only to be surprised that his friends have played a dirty and filthy prank on him. It consists of simply sending a contact which opens up to a message via the OBEX protocol. A number of people have their own interpretation of this malicious joke. and some simply have a laugh on its use. It should be acknowledged that in such a use of prank both parties are in complete control of their devices and the bluejacker is unable to steal anything from your phone or laptop.

Since few people are aware of it, once they receive a message they instantly assume their phone is malfunctioning. In most modern phones there is a possibility of sending an image or a sound and later are enticed by the startled and fear filled faces, that’s when the fun starts.

Process for conducting a Bluejacking prank

  • Click on contacts
  • Create a new contact
  • Include your surprising and startling message in the Name field
  • Save the contact
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is switched on
  • The phone will display possible victims whose Bluetooth is switched on
  • Select the contact and the person you want to send via Bluetooth and they have been instantly Blujacked.

Once the individual foolishly opens the contact, and reads the displayed message he is under attack. But keep in mind that it should be practiced in tolerable boundaries. Too much of anything will prove to be harmful and may end up in harassing them. Also keep in mind the places you want to conduct this prank. Don’t do it in an airport, or in a hospital. It’s best if this played in the boundaries of school or work, amongst people you know and pose no threat. Or else you wouldn’t want to find out that the person you Blujacked was actually your boss and he fired you the next day. Now that wouldn’t be such a funny prank

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  1. bluejacking says:

    The best way to prevent bluejacking…is to switch off your bluetooth.
    bluejacking´s last blog ..Bluejacking Tools Revamped