Five Things That Can Make iPhone Better

Posted on 31 March 2010

Although the iPhone is the most popular phone in the market and it is definitely amongst one of the best cell phones available till now, but still there are many areas in which the phone lacks and has to improve in order to become truly impeccable.

Here are five things that need to be changed about the iPhone to make it better.

1. Have A Removable Battery

This might have happened to many of you, but for those who haven’t experienced this as yet, what will you do if your iPhone gets stuck? If your iPhone had a removable battery, you could easily take the battery out, and the phone would be fine once the battery is put back in place.

Without having the option of a removable battery, you will have to wait all day for the battery to die naturally, and as your phone won’t be busy doing anything while its stuck, you might have to wait for a long time.

2. Make Phone Calls Work

Due to its advanced functionalties, making and recieving calls on the iPhone isn’t as easy as just pressing a button.

With the iPhone, once you finish talking, you have to remove the phone from your face and wait a second before the sensor finds out that you don’t have the phone stuck to your face, so you can hangup. If you press the end button too quickly, it switches to speaker phone.

3. Include Removable Memory

iPhone can be used to run several different types of applications, which can be space consuming as well. Therefore, it would have been nice if the addition of some extra memory was allowed to enhance performance.

4. Make It Easy To Remove The SIM Card

Although iPhone looks great as a sleek and slim phone, but it could have been better if it allowed easy access to the sim card as well. Having a SIM card door that requires a specially designed tool to open it can be little too much.

5. We Need Multitasking!

We didn’t discover the need of multitasking in phones untill phones became more of a computer than a phone. Listning to songs while playing a game is quite normal but closing the app to switch to another song is bad. A smartphone without multitasking is just a feature phone, and iPhone is sure above that so if this feature is added as well, iPhone will become a lot more enjoyable.

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