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Posted on 22 March 2010

It is being said that Apple’s iPad will be able to play all apps, but it is difficult to imagine how each application will adjust itself to the new device.

Playing games on the iPad will be a lot more fun as it will have a bigger screen, enabling you to enjoy every move wholeheartedly.

Here are the week’s favorite apps, that will hopefully make their way to the iPad as well.


Years is a simple calendar app that will help you a lot in planning your year ahead of time. Once launched, the app displays a neatly laid out full year calendar, allowing to easily plan for vacations or mark important dates for the whole year.

In order to fit in the screen and to be viewed appropriately, four months are shown at a time on the screen. You can easily scroll to the next months with a swipe of your finger.

The app provides four different ways of marking the calendar. The dates can either be circled, crossed out, made special by adding a little scribbled graphic, or given a star to. However, there is no text input. When you’ve marked all of your important dates, you can mail the month or year image to your friend or family in order to remind them about the important dates.

Although it could have been a little better if it had the text feature added as well that allowed you to add little notes on dates so that you don’t forget, but still Years is quite a useful little app, providing a quick view of important dates with an elegant interface.

Sailboat Championship Pro

For $2.99, the full version of the free sailboat-racing game together with added options and courses is now available. It uses the previous game, which you can download free of cost, as the tutorial for the Pro version. This means that you can check out the free version in order to see whether you like the game or not.

The game supports beautiful graphics and sounds, challenging you to race against computer-controlled opponents. You can unlock new courses and boats, that have different strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t think that this game is just for kids. Sailboat Championship Pro has been planned very thoughtfully and forces you to learn the best way to capture the wind with your sail in order to maintain speed while you navigate each course. You’ll keep on learning about new techniques as you go on playing. The game allows you to get some help as well, for example by providing you the option to hire a sailor so you can concentrate on steering, but most of your learning will come through trial and error.

The amazing graphics and the real world wind physics make Sailboat Championship Pro a fun game for those who like to sail.

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