Your Lost iPhone is Just a Wistle Away!

Posted on 07 February 2010

Every once in a while, we all misplace our iPhone and wish that it would answer back if we yell at it, “Where are you?”

Well, this might not be a wish after all now. A new app provides a similar way to find your missing handset. The “Where is my iPhone” app listens for the sound of your whistle and replies using a pre-selected sound.

There are multiple sounds available for this ranging from an explosion to a baby crying to more than one type of farting sound. The app also allows you to even pre-record a message that your phone will play when you call it by whistling.

According to the creator of this app, the program can recognize the whistling sound from 30 meters away. This app is available for only $1, which makes it a great deal. No more looking around for your phone, you can simply whistle and call your iPhone from wherever you are.

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