Top 10 Android Apps For Business Users

Posted on 02 February 2010

Although the market for Android apps is not as vast as the one for iPhone apps, but the openness of the Google platform makes it quite attractive for programmers. There are a number of good programs available on the android platform for business users.

Here is list of the top 10 android apps that will help you to organize your business functions, track your expenses and exchange rates, overcome language barriers, view and edit Office documents, and connect remotely to a company database or your desktop PC.

1. Documents to Go

Documents to Go allows you to browse through Word files and Excel spreadsheets. With the free version, you can only open and view Word and Excel files you copy to your phone, but the full version allows you to create and edit them too. It also allows PowerPoint editing and PDF viewing. Available for $29.99

2. Maps, maps, and more maps

If you are not satisfied with the Google Maps, there are several other specialized maps for cities, transit systems, and amusement parks available. Transit Maps, for instance, let you load up hundreds of bus and metro maps from around the world, with most of them being free.

3. You Keep Your Money

You Keep Your Money is a collection of apps, that allows you to record your expenses, and see them as a graph. The basic app is free, while the Family version adds trending and support for multiple accounts.

4. Currency

Knowing the exchange rates is quite necessary in case your are traveling or you are in the exchange business. This app tracks the major exchange rates and converts arbitrary amounts. Available for free with ads.

5. Lonely Planet Guides

The Lonely Planet app will help you out when you want to decide the place to celebrate your newly signed deal at night. Available for $4.99 for each major city.

6. Fake-a-Call

This can be really useful at times when meetings get rough, and you wish that someone would call you to break the ice. Fake-a-Call can fake a lifesaving call. Once the screen pops up, you can trigger one of several half-conversations that play just loud enough for the others to hear. Available for 99 cents or free with ads.

7. Bump

With Bump, you can easily swap contact information with just a fist bump or, for that matter, any rapid movement that sets off the accelerometer. The next version may be good enough to allow you to share an animated presentation as well. Available for free.

8. BabelDroid or Google Translator

This app is quite simple to use and can be a lifesaver if you are stuck in some foreign country. Simply push the Start button, speak your sentence into the microphone, and wait three or four seconds, the phone magically starts speaking the words in German, Spanish, French, or Italian. Available for free.

9. Android VNC Viewer

Frequent travelers always wish that they had the time to reach out and do one quick thing on their PC before getting on the plane. The Android VNC client is GPL-protected open source software that lets you create a secure connection to a distant machine. Also available for free.

10. Remote DB

Although this app is only for programmers, but it is a great shortcut to remotely access your company’s data. You don’t need someone to write a special app that’s customized for in-house use. Just get your DBA to write a query to the database, then everyone on the road gets access to the data about the invoices, the inventory, or whatever fills your SQL tables. Available for $2.99.

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