Samsung 10 Inch Chrome OS Netbook

Posted on 18 February 2010

There is hot news now days that Samsung is going to release a Chrome OS netbook in this year. There are debates about this laptop and the Samsung’s own Phil Newton confirmed that there are a lot of debates about this Chrome OS netbook, as the report of Australia’s Channel News says. The laptop is excepted to be same as N210, and the other specifications are following here:


1. 10.1 inch screen

2. 3G

3. Wi-Fi

4. RAM: 2GB

5. Flash Storage: 64 GB

6. Battery Life: 12 Hours

7. Processor: There is news that it will be Snapdragon 1.5GHz. but this is not confirmed as these gossips are not proved to be true by Phil.

Netbook is expected in the later this year. There are also stories that 64GB is not the enough memory even for netbook, it is really a small space to store the anything you want to have in a netbook. But nothing can be said about that, everything will be proved after its release. There are expectations about Wi-Fi that it’ll be 802.11b/g/n because now-a-days it is the standard that can let you to have best connectivity speed probable.

Newton reports to Australia Website chancel news that Chrome OS-based netbook is expected to be akin a great deal with Samsung’s offered netbook which is known to everyone the N210 (as discussed above). There is also a channel news that it will have the processor of 1.5 GHz. Qualcomm ARM, nothing to say about that too.

Qualcomm and Samsung made a trick to leave the dual or quad core ARM processor, we don’t have the idea that why Samsung is so reluctant to the basically used Intel Atop processor which is used for this purpose, especially used in every netbook, and they even works perfect with netbooks. But there will be a reason that they have some problem with Hulu.

There is only an estimate that this is going to be release in this year but no confirm words. And they are expected not to be shipped outside Australia. But this is considered that with Chrome-OS based netbook release Samsung’s netbooks will inaugurate releasing this type of products.

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  1. Nice post about the Chrome. Great info!


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