Puma and Sagem’s Puma Phone

Posted on 21 February 2010

There are rumors that August Cordwainer Puma is making a phone with Sagem, but now these rumors are true. It is also expected that Puma Phone is a lightweight phone with integrated solar cell and there is a charge integrator. Following are some specification of the phone:

1. QVGA TFT 2.8 Inch Display

2. Touchscreen

3. 3.2 Megapixel Camera plus LED flash

4. 6x Zoom camera

5. GPS Tracker

6. Compass, Pedometer, Stopwatch

7. Internet

8. Video Recording

9. Music: Various music formats are supported.

10. FM Radio


12. Bluetooth

13. USB 2.0

14. Talk time up to 5 hours with 350 hours stand-by time

15. Video call time 140 minutes

16. Music player time 24 hours; video player time 5 hours

It is expected that it’ll be available throughout Europe this year in April, and price is not yet known. Nothing is clear here is the press release for you.

Puma and Sagem made the news public that new connecting lifestyle device is an expected hit of 2010’s April.

Puma and Sagem announced the phone in MWC (Mobile World Congress). This phone is not like all other mobile phones but have some distinctive features in its technology and user interface. It is totally different from inside and outside and is a user’s friendly device, which eases the way of your physical and digital world.

Jochen Zeitz, CEO of Puma said. “Just as PUMA is unlike any other sport lifestyle company out there, the PUMA PHONE is unlike any mobile phone on the market,” and he further said, “We want to engage with our community in a way that is consistent with everything PUMA stands for. Blending together the influences of sport, lifestyle and fashion, the PUMA PHONE reflects the joy, spontaneity and individuality that the PUMA brand is known for.”

Sagem Wireless CEO Thierry Buffenoir said, “With PUMA engaged in projects such as the United Nation’s Environment Program, values such as sustainability are at the core of everything it does. From the very first concepts for the PUMA PHONE therefore, it was clear that we would need to marry a unique user experience with real technology innovation to design and develop a device that delivered on the PUMA promise. Using the device to directly connect with the PUMA community through services such as live sports feeds and ecommerce, the PUMA PHONE delivers not only a rich PUMA experience, but uses technology such as integrated solar cells to deliver it in a way that is completely consistent with PUMA’s values.”

Puma phone is one of its own types, except internet, messaging, GPS, solar charging, video calling and Bluetooth photo sharing; it is also made to ease the way of using it and also fulfilled every requirement of the client. Its impressive shape and design enables it to be used as an ornament.
For more, visit: http://www.sagemwireless.com

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3 Responses to “Puma and Sagem’s Puma Phone”

  1. It looks more of an HTC phone other than anything else.

  2. Abang Sapar says:

    Now Puma is not only about shoes anymore but it’s also about mobile phone and the phone is from Sagem.

    The great thing about Puma mobile phone is it has the solar cell at the back for recharging. ;-)

  3. Writer says:

    @ Abang Sapar, ya very right, now expect more from Puma.


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