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Posted on 04 February 2010

Apple focused its attention on iPad at Wednesday’s press event, and it was not an ordinary announcement only, but was affected immediately. Apple surrendered its restriction from VoIP calls over 3G data network on the iPhone, and to reflect the allowance also changed the SDK. So now your carrier also has to allow Voice over-IP calls to work over 3G in supplement to Wi-Fi. And AT&T got the board first in U.S.

The iCall application got the ground and they are first to announce the 3G compatibility news to its VoIP users. Fring, Skype, SIP with voice and chat applications, and also video calls application soon will follow iCall. To check the Fring reliability we turned off the Wi-Fi and then made few calls.

Fring dials the call using cellular, SIP, or SKYPE and you can also made a video call by compatibility service. Skype Video Calls are also tested over 3G and then on Wi-Fi and also with or without headphones.

With video calls we have the option to see the caller through his webcam but they can’t se us. If you have full AT&T bars even then callers can hear 1 out of 5-6 words with headphones, but we can hear them. Wi-Fi, made voice quality much better with this there are less crashes in voices we hear.

Stability is a thing which is not in a huge quantity over both 3G and Wi-Fi. We have always to restart Fring many times throughout calling. You also may have experience that Skype also delays and freezes even when you are using it on a home computer, with a reliable fast internet. But we don’t know much of Fring with 3G and Wi-Fi.

You experience will be different because of your surrounding differences and also the technology level at the other line end. One thing is clear that Fring’s service indeed make calls over 3G—albeit inconsistently, in addition to Wi-Fi calls. Improving stability are the next most important step for these soft wares like Fring, Skype and other VoIP players also iCall, because they also have some issues, but their service is terrific, so we all will take advantage soon of iPhone’s relaxation.

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