Need For Speed; Most Wanted Review

Posted on 17 February 2010

Need for Speed; Most Wanted is considered best among NFS series, with improvement from its previous parts. Game is also in a multiplayer version.

NFS; MW has a great thing in it that the way cops pursuit you and you have to run from them and evade. The sound effects are really good and match the situation in which you are playing the game. Graphics are really improved, then the previous parts. In the game there are videos played when you defeat a blacklist member and also in the start of the game, in these videos there are graphics mixed with real peoples, all the blacklist members and the some police officers are real people, walking in the game and talking to us.

Everything is good about this game because it was liked most in the whole series of NFS. EA’s efforts get paid after its release when they got the best response from the players of NFS; Most Wanted. This game is set on a theme of illegal street racing.

The concept of racing is not changed but the existence of cops in the game and their thrilling chase makes this game a good experience. The career mode moves on a storyline, you progress in the career mode and story ends with the career mode.

In the start of career mode you are faceless and nameless racer who wants to make his name in racing. There is a ranking in the underground racing known as Blacklist; this is the list of 15 top racers. They broke every traffic law and race with other cars, so they gain the title of Blacklist members, our goal is to defeat these 15 Blacklist members, and we have to race with each one after completing all the requirements of that member, in the beginning we start our career with a race with Razor, but…… (What happens next?) play the game it’s suspense.

And as the story proceeds you went to jail. When you returned a girl named Mia helped you to understand the racing and to make your way towards top of Blacklist, which is now topped by Razor with your old car.

The story is so catching that you want to end the career mode and want to see the end of the game. Then in the whole game you will receive the text messages and voicemail which will guide you. Police chase is a good part of this game; they will try to stop you by blocking your way or by using spikes, there are also choppers which make it difficult for you to evade completely.

There are different types of modes except career mode, challenge mode in which there are different option which you can select and play. Also play it as multiplayer.

The basic game of racing is not much attention seeking but the most interested part is the police which chases you and improve your driving skills.

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