Is Your PC Start Up Order Giving You Problems?

Posted on 17 February 2010

If your experiencing extremely slow process of the program opening up resulting in you staring at your screen blindly. Than you need to fix that problem of yours because it could lead you to losing of eye sight, losing of patience, or losing up of sanity. So you see there is a lot of loss which I am sure you would want to save on as it would cost you your fortune. A number of people are impatient and usually turn off their computer directly when your system, according to you goes bonkers. But this is harmful and leads to loss of data, to avoid this you simply must either use freeware or lose some place in the registry

It is recommended by the wise geeks of tech to rather download  software which a number of people are unwilling to do so. But it’s better than editing your registry because some of us aren’t even naturally gifted with common sense. So if one wrong keystroke is performed it could lead you to troubles such as crash down of system or start-up problems.

Keep in mind before you set foot on the path of changing your start-up make sure there is a System restore point. Following are some steps which you might want consult and consider:

Step 1: Download Start-up Delayer

Begin with downloading a program such as the start-up delayer, install and run the program. This delays some of the programs by some seconds or minutes in your start-up so that you can access the more important programs to you. It saves you time, the patience and sanity.

Step 2: The alternate to the above

In case you are not fond of downloading a program and want to do it the traditional way, so than dig in deep because its your own mess anyways. Access your registry editor by clicking the start-up menu and go to the search engine on it, type in “regedt32.exe”. Double click after accessing it, than click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,” then “SYSTEM,” “CurrentControlSet,” “Control” and “ServiceGroupOrder.” This will bring up the option of a file named ‘List’ in the right side menu. By clicking on it, it will show the number of drives which open up during start-up.

You can cut-paste the order of drivers by your preferences. To perform that first copy the order of the drives on to WordPad, by doing this you will not tamper mistakenly with any drive and makes sure that that every drive on the original list makes it to your edited preference. Finally click OK and close the window. Restart your system form the application of your editing.

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