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Posted on 05 February 2010

As you know Apple release the big touch screen mobiles, and put a big challenge to the application developers for optimizing their offspring for the new and much bigger screen then ever. But it is more surprising which application developer did for iPad, they added processing power, superior graphics, and added screen real estate, and here we can fully understand Apples latest hardware power.

There are application already made by Apple for iPad, these include iBooks, with which the user can read, purchase and download eBooks directly from Amazon. But some said that this application got its basis from iPhone application called Classics. The creators of Classics are not annoyed by the similarity which iBooks adapt, and are offering their software for free for a limited time.


It is a quite old application came out some times back. Its collection of literature is worth to be notified because the software  is very well designed that comes with iPad. When you launch Classics, you get an access to wood shelf full of quality English Literature Books, Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’, Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, and H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine.” But keep these famous authors aside, Classics also offers the great works.

Tap on the desired book and get the knowledge, and font size is perfect for reading on iPhone and iPod. And when you finished reading it will place a bookmark automatically. Once you have the chance to read some books in Classics application then you will see that why Apple got inspiration from Classics to made their application.

Guerrilla Bob:

This is the distinct shooter game, colorful and good-looking graphics and Guerrilla Bob offers two joysticks for control: Left joystick for movement and right for fire, and the funny voice acting, and music also increase the fun. Some people get bored because all level is on set pattern till end, but you have the option to search secret weapons and at end to fight with boss, it is really a great fun to play this game.

When you start playing Angry Mob Games, then you would realize that Guerrilla Bob is a beautiful game. Each level has its own theme, some are in dark and some are in light. Weapons include, rocket launcher, flamethrower, and machine gun.

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