How To Copy iPhone Apps From One iPhone To Another

Posted on 25 February 2010

One gets excited to see any new app in someone’s iPhone, and the next question that pops in mind is “How can I get a copy of this iPhone app?” It is make sense to get app from other Iphone as you will not have to pay for it.

Another good news is that copying the licensed iTunes media from one computer to another is possible. The following process can be used to copy the software from your iPhone to iTunes, and then to the other iPhone. Simply follow the steps mentioned below and enjoy your apps!

Step By Step Guide To Copy iPhone Apps

1. Open iTunes on the computer that is used with the other iPhone.

2. Allow the iTunes to use your account information, that is different from the account that is currently used on the computer. You can do this by going to Store > Authorize Computer.

3. Submit your iTunes account credentials and click on “Authorize.” In case you have authorized too many computers (usually it allows upto 5) it will give you a message telling you to free one or more computer.

4. Now connect the iPhone that has the apps that you want to get to iTunes.

5. In iTunes, right-click the iPhone icon and choose “Transfer Purchases.” When you connect the iPhone, it may ask you to update, restore or backup. Do not allow it to do any of these things.

6. You will see a message saying “Sync in Progress” and the files will be copied in the iTunes window. However, be prepared as this process may take a long time depending on how many purchases you have on there.

7. When it gets transferred, remove your iPhone from iTunes.

8. Now, connect the iPhone on which you want to copy, to the computer. It should now appear in iTunes.

9. Open the Applications tab for the iPhone. Here, the applications should be present which you transferred previously from the other iPhone. Choose the app which you want, click “Sync”, and enjoy the new app on your own iPhone.

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3 Responses to “How To Copy iPhone Apps From One iPhone To Another”

  1. daniel says:

    dear technorati,

    tried the above and the apps did show up on my phone
    but when i sync on my own computer, it disappeared..

  2. Tommy says:

    It worked for me … The app(s) I wanted stayed on my iTouch … But when I initially sinc’ed them over, the entire sorting structure of my iTouch was messed up. Not a big deal if you only have a few apps. But, I had over 200. It took me over an hour to resort all the apps on my iTouch again. This was definitely not worth saving 99¢ for.

  3. R. MAK. says:

    Well, it seems like you have spent over $200 on Apps only~ insane!


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