Freeloader Portable Solar Charger

Posted on 11 February 2010

We are living in a world which is in a havoc situation. There are lot of troubles people are facing, and everyone is encountering pollution. And most of all  there is lack of power resources people can’t handle this lacking because this is now became the basic need of modern man to have facilities of power resources.

We have limited the growth of plants and now we are facing the negative consequences their lacking caused us. Now its time pay back all the things we snatched from nature, so we should go green, and to complete this mission we need the support of things like Freeloader Portable Solar Charger. This device will let us to pay back all the liability to our nature slowly.

Freeloader Portable Solar Charger is an amazing charging system which can help you everywhere and anywhere you are in the world this is a hand-held device and can be used anywhere where there is sufficient sunlight. It has solar panels with USB support backup, and if you will charge it to maximum than with it you can power an iPod for 18 hrs, and a mobile phone for 44hrs, a PSP for 2.5hrs and a PDA for 22 hrs. The package includes is a USB charging cable, a master power cable and 11 tips of adapter so you can use this movable device. Its outlook is really tough and made for tough conditions also; it is durable and also has a strong aluminum frame which is according to your style.

The thing you’ll like to know is that it is users friendly that it can store the charge for you a long time as 3 month and only a little amount of power will be loosed but you’ll be left with the charge you did 3 months before, its formation and its sturdiness helps you in charging your gadgets in tough situation where it is impossible to have such convenient way to charge all your gadgets.

It has the factor that it is rust resistance so its body can survive through the situation through which you can also survive, this will work as your traveling charger system. Its price is only $49.99, and it worth’s more than the money you’ll spend on it. It is cheap than solar power rolls, this is a step which is in your reach to play your part to save your planet, and make this little more greener.

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