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Posted on 19 February 2010

Who hasn’t dreamed of having our Facebook chats added to our favorite IM client? Ever since it has started it has made a tremendous recovery, keeping customers satisfied and fulfilling wants and needs of security and better development. And now it has done it again, the once promise made one year ago of supporting Facebook Chat over XMPP/Jabber, has finally come true. Facebook has partnered off with AIM to bring your own chats with close buddies to your very own desktop. However, not all of us are a fan of AIM and if that’s so don’t put on a gloomy face; there is a solution to having your Facebook chats displayed on to your choice of IM client. It not only has partnered with AIM but because its implementation of XMPP/Jabber, makes it possible to display chats on to other preferred IM interfaces. facebook

For those using the multiple protocol IM clients such as Pidign, Adium, or iChat, setting up is easy as ABC. First you have to add the new Jabber or XMPP account, where the username will be addressed as and your password will be as same as for Facebook. Once logged in you must be bursting with excitement but there might be some problems which will be sort of hard to adjust. For instance, it’s expected that all your friends will show up in your buddy list, however, the organization may seem a bit messy and hard to grasp. Why so?

Well Facebook does let you decided which friends should show up and should not on the IM client. However, what it doesn’t realize is that the people who are not on any of the list will not be included. So therefore, those who are friends and not added to any lists will be displayed on the ‘Buddies’ list in your IM client and there is no possible way of taking them off from it. You are most likely to organize your own contacts since this won’t be provided to you automatically. You will have to make new lists since almost all your friends are dumped into the ‘Buddies’ list. A simple fore warning, to most it might not be much of a hassle but some it may just be time-consuming and pathetic.

Leaving that behind everything else should work perfectly and be more appealing. Like any new program, this is bound to experience its first timer bugs and drawbacks. But once again it’s for us to try out and experience what are the nick knacks needed to fix in order to make it working perfectly. If you do find any, write an error report or complain/suggestion form and submit it up.  For those previously using the unofficial add on for adding Facebook Chat to Adium or Pidgin, know that the official site is far less problematic when it comes to connections.

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