EA Sports FIFA 10; Review

Posted on 23 February 2010

EA Sports released FIFA 10 and it is getting the public’s appreciation world-wide, Fifa 10 includes many new features which were never been used in the previous parts of FIFA.

EA Canada changed the way of FIFA, it was considered the moderate type of football game till FIFA 09, but now they changed the style of FIFA 10. There is a new gameplay style and FIFA 10 is getting the attention of its old players and also attracts the new audience. It owns 30% of innovation and 70% of evolution, there are now an improved way to controls, much improvement in the player’s movement and style.

In FIFA 10 now you have the option to upload a photo of your face and set it on a players face and then customize the player entirely. This feature is completely new and was not given in any previous parts.

There are now many improvements made, in which there are 50 major improvements. There is also a Manager Mode in the game.

There is surely a great improvement in FIFA 10 the movement and the control over ball is really very enjoyable and makes this game more fun. We cannot pre assume the move of opponent players in the game; their reactions are so natural and real and capricious.

Now there is one more thing worth mentioning that you can now goal from the corner or from far place because there are now more options that we can curve the ball in various directions. It is my personal experience.

There is now improvement in the feature that player can retain the ball for longer time than ever before, with many dodges now available in the game to deceive the opponent.


As all the plus points are discussed here, according to them there are improvements in the gameplay and also in graphics and the features now we can use, it surely has a remarkable improvement in every aspect, BUT, there are also some points which can let down FIFA 10 like EA completely neglected the commentary.

Few lines in commentary of FIFA 10 are clearly the copy of FIFA 09 commentary. But there is surely no clash with the graphics it presents. It has an ultimate graphics; we all liked the most detailed players ever experienced. The details are so great in the close-ups and with the camera changing all the effects are simply great.

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  1. Hi author! Can I take some pictures from your website for my PC wallpapper?

  2. Fifa 10 is great. Now it’s Fifa 11… Simply glorious!

    One thing I missed about Fifa 10 was the momentum factor. It’s still in Fifa 11, but reduced greatly.
    EA Sports Fifa´s last [type] ..The Football Maestro – 2010 Season EA Sports Fifa


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