Call Of Duty; World At War Review

Posted on 15 February 2010

Call of Duty: World at War is a game with fabulous story and also multiplayer enabled game, there are four players cooperative campaign, and great weapons like flamethrowers are also accessible. This game has many sequels. There are many missions in the game, and this game is based on World War II, and in this sequel of COD we have the control of different officers, and we play as different countries army officers and fight for that countries purposes. Action in this game consistently makes you attentive and at the edge of your chair. All parts of COD except Modern Warfare came with the same theme of World War II, but this was the first sequel of its own type. In spite of all its admirable and stunning features, Modern Warfare made its place ahead other parts. Because of the Modern Warfare’s freshness and its theme made it a hit. COD is a first person shooter game. Shooting game became the trend of today’s players. In few missions you are a solider of one army and in few others you play as the solider of other armies. There are two wars between Russia and Germany, and America and Japan.


Your soldiers start their carrier without any weapon and in the middle of enemy from there you will control the solider and will help him in completing all the missions successfully. Starting missions are thrilling but the thrill incenses gradually when you complete the levels, and go near to enemies capitals.


The sound effects and audio music is really great, music really suits the theme, and always according to the situation you are playing. At the end of last missions the music will feel you so proud that you achieved something really great. All these feeling are because of the fantastic music playing behind.

Structure Of COD

The discussion among the soldiers their dialogues and briefings are very well managed. In the game for briefing at the beginning of each level there are videos, photos, and statistics of real WWII made that game more interesting and hard to resist. This game gives you a feeling that you are a hero with a lot of action in yourself.


There are two new weapons introduced in this sequel are Bayonets and flamethrowers. You use these weapons in American Campaign. There are also some enemies hiding in the tress and you use your weapons to burn them. American campaign is merciless but Russian campaign is slightly predictable and satisfying. World at War is more violent than Modern Warfare. In some missions you’ll also drive the tanks and will also fire from helicopters and airplanes.


COD; World at War also presents two player split screen ad four player online cooperative campaign play. You can also start a competition with other players by turning on the competitive scoring. Number of enemies also increases with the players. COD; World at War made it way towards hit because it improved the technical quality and especially multiplayer arena.

You are going to love this game with its all settings and you can enjoy Fun Cooperative Play, and multiplayer action, there you’ll find many reasons hard to resist its playing

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