Assassin’s Creed; Review

Posted on 12 February 2010

Experience what you were not imagining that you can experience ever in Gaming!

Assassin’s Creed stunned everyone after its release, its storyline its game play and all the unique features it introduced to the players. When playing Assassin’s Creed you’ll get a feeling that all this happening in real, a real environment with tension and suspense get a lot of your attention and you will be fully involved in the game.

Assassin's Creed Pc Game

But the whole gameplay is based on a scheme that everything is in some fluid surrounding, as it was the requirement of the story, doctors were inspecting protagonists past memory. This game is full of actions very beautifully created, protagonist walks in the streets, can climb roofs and run on the roof tops, the controls are so good and the feeling of controlling the protagonists is so calm that he is fully under your control.


The story is great and very different, a unique concept is introduced, and I’ll not tell you the story, because you’ll not like me to disclose the surprises, when you’ll play the game will enjoy it with all the surprises.

Game’s Environment:

When you’ll start playing the game, you’ll first complete the tutorial it’ll take your time to complete it, after that you will be expected to go to a kingdom at the gate of your kingdom there will be two horses you can choose a horse and will ride on that horse go out of the kingdom, there will be an area will be as a middle place and from there you can go to three main cities Jerusalem, Acre, and Damascus. And there you’ll start your journey, you will quest for your assassination targets and will imagine the how big is the game.


There are towers placed everywhere in the game and you’ll reach their top and by pressing the Eagle’s eye View key, it will give you a view of the surroundings. As you can see in the above image.You’ll also get the help of informants and by helping the citizens you’ll also get through various dangerous and restricted places.


Assassin’s Creed extra characters, like citizens and any other people walking around will behave in different ways and. When you will visit different cities there will be beggars who will approach you and plead for money, merchants, menacing guards and some other kinds of citizens, which you can imagine in some ancient time.

There are a lot of actions with which you can fight with guards and any person disturbing you, you’ll also get a chance to go in a mental asylum, some mentally retarded attacks you and when you’ll hit them they will run.


There are beautiful actions to fight and the player will enjoy wining the fight with these unique actions. Citizens scream and cry when they will find a dead body and this cause guards to notice it.

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