Army Of Two: The 40th Day; Review

Posted on 19 February 2010

I was thinking that I’ll never buy the sequel of ‘Army of Two’ after playing the original part of Army of Two. That part sold very well, and this is the reason that it got my attention and I wanted to write about that. But you can’t say that Assassin’s Creed 2 good than Assassin’s Creed, but there is surely a solid improvement in core co-op action idea, there is a great enhancement that while playing the game, you will experience the real strength of two-man fighting force.

In addition to all that there is a lot of attractiveness. The two man Salem and Rios, ‘Army of two’. In the new part of the 40th day you will have to decide according to “moral choices”. There is a great balance of dark humor, when you’ll face the tough time and a feel that “Am I really seeing this?”And this increases you tension in the game about the surrounding happenings.

Your objective is to shoot bad guys in the game but you also have to survive bock-by-block because Shanghai disintegrates around the characters.There is not only typical aggressive environment but there are also terrorist attacks and you will think that no one is safe in this situation, so you’ll decide to move on. There will be continuous change in the game world—buildings topple, airliners crash before you… it makes the game experience more inspiring. In the 40th Day you can’t ever except that what is now going to happen, and also you don’t have the idea of future in the game and this is the most distressing aspect of the game. You’ll also execute the civilians from F.D.I troops.

In the game you’ll have to make tactical decisions which will make it a deeper game it is more challenging than any other solo shooter like Gears of War.

Now you are thinking that is it really worth playing or not? So in my opinion the answer is yes, because you’ll enjoy the game in a way you liked third-person action game. You can also enjoy this game online and in that version you’ll experience the two-man teams.

Army of Two: The 40th day is a great action game of 2010; it can be said that Army of Two: The 40th Day is more excited than the first part.

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