5 Things iPhone 4G Will Inherit From Apple iPad

Posted on 03 February 2010

With the launch of iPad last week, Apple is expected to start its work rigorously for the next massive product launch, which will arrive probably in June or July, known as the iPhone 4G.

Surely, some features of the iPad will definitely trickle down to the iPhone 4G, since Apple’s tablet was given very special attention by the engineers at the Cupertino-based company.

Here are five iPad technologies that are expected to be adopted by the iPhone 4G when it is launched later this year.

1. A Large Screen

The Apple iPhone 3GS maintained the same screen size , i.e 3.5 inch similar to the two previous generations. But this time, Apple will definitely increase the screen size of its smartphone slightly to match the screen size of its competitors, like the 4.3-inch size of the HTC Touch HD. We can expect the screen to be at least 4-inch in size.

2. Processor

The iPad was launched as the first device to come with Apple’s first custom-made silicon chip, the A4. although not much about the processor is known, except that it has been built by PA Semi engineers, runs at 1GHz, is system-on-chip solution and is ARM-based. It is likely that Apple will integrate this chip in its new phones as well the enhance their performance.

3. 802.11n

I am quite sure that the next iPhone will have 802.11n. The reason being that it makes sense to standardize components used across the whole range.

4. iBookstore

Apple knows that it will have to launch the iBookstore sooner or later in order to boost sales. Amazon already has an iPhone Kindle App and there are some lesser-known players available as well such as GoodReader Lite or Bookshelf.

5. iPhone OS 3.2

Although it is unlikely that you will get iPad’s iPhone OS 3.2 as it is, but you can expect some features to appear on the iPhone OS 4.0. It is possible that it may include video conferencing, file uploads/downloads and local storage, a spell-checker and USB Host support or expanded Bluetooth support.

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