Water-Powered Designs

Posted on 25 January 2010

Now, many products are available in market, which can consume water as their battery or fuel, and can work efficiently. Any liquid can charge anything which supports any liquid substance for its charging. The recent advancements in hydropower technology has facilitated many people, now a days many products, like jet-packs, automobiles, clocks and even mobile batteries can consume water for their working.

Batteries Powered With Water

In Japan, there are batteries which can use any liquid even urine to work efficiently. NoPoPo, stands for Non-Pollution-Power, it is a Japanese brand of batteries. In emergency situation where water is not in your reach, then you can use any liquid for its charging. These batteries don’t last forever and their life cycle is only about 3 to 5 charges, after that they become useless. These NoPoPo batteries available only in Japan, and it is a pretty good and neat concept.

Ireland Water Powered Street Lights

In the city of Ireland, named Donegal, residents are supposed to enjoy the street lights which will be powered with electricity and not by gas or electricity. Lh Ecotech’s €3,000  “hydro light” is being installed on the footbridge over River Finn in Ballybofey to test their working. Water which is flowing in the river passes through a 110 watt turbine, and from there LED of 30 watt get its batteries charged.

Water-Powered Dune Buggy

The inventor is Stanley Meyer who created this dune buggy, and it sprint on water in 80’s, and it was the work about which many physicists thought that it was considered impossible in the past. He replaced the spark plugs with “injectors” to spray a fine mist of water into the engine cylinders. He stated that his dune buggy don’t need petrol but will consume water as its fuel.

Water Powered Calculator:

Water powered calculator can free you from the restrictions to do calculations at anytime even in pool if you want to do some important calculations, and can use it if you are unable to buy a battery for your calculator then you can charge its battery with water the most easy and convenient method. When some liquid comes in contact with its fuel cells, a chemical reaction occurs between its zinc anode and cathode which is responsible for producing electric current, and it provides calculator energy required for its working. And the best thing is, that if you’ll add little water in it even then it can work for a whole month.

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