Watch Live Webcam With the Help of Google

Posted on 05 January 2010

A webcam is the loosely used term for any camera that produces images that can be regained by and displayed on the world wide web through a server. Webcams are one of the oldest technology on the Internet. Webcams have high usage percentage. it can be use as Quick cam, Flex cam, as a security cam, in internet chatting, Video telephony, in video conference call and so on.


Listing thousands of free webcams, aerial map views and Google street views from around the world Enjoy viewing many thousands of live webcams around the globe .You can view web cams by continent, country or by webcam category. By using simple Google Search, any user that has approach to the net can logon, access and watch many unprotected cameras and webcams around the world.

Different types of webcams depend on the resolution of the cam. Most of the cameras you buy right now come with webcam software, which will capture the picture and FTP it to your Web site. Large number of cam can be linked in order to use efficiently. suppose for security , there could be large number of cams used. and they have link between them. so that the user can watch by just connecting with internet. Zooming facility is also available online on these cams.

A long list of such cheats and cracks is easily available from internet. Simple search will bring IP network web cameras from which you are able to transmit live footage or individual images across the Internet.  Most of these web cams with this trick are naturally meant for public viewing, and normally linked from a public website. Those private web cams attached to PC or used at the living room or bedroom or bathroom are normally won’t be able to find unless the owners purposely let Google crawl the link.

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