Unique Cell Phones

Posted on 24 January 2010

Cell phones are widely used by everyone in the whole world, and cell phone became a basic need of everyone. The International Telecommunication Union has estimated that mobile cellular subscriptions would reach approx. 4.6 billion by the end of 2009.

Cells for mobile phone base stations were came in to being in 1947 by Bell Labs engineers at At&T, and further developed in 1960 by Bell Labs.

The world’s first partly automatic car phone system MTA was launched in Sweden in 1960.

PomeGranate Phone

PomeGranate Phone Full Introduction Video

The ULTIMATE phone, with maximum features one can think for a mobile phone. This the the unique phone with astonishing features Pomegranate is your phone, GPS navigation, E-mail, full internet browsing,Shaver, Coffee Maker, Projector, Voice Translation and also owns a function of Harmonica.

One can enjoy every moment with Harmonica feature, it has some tunes but you can also play it as you wish. And now you can communicate with anyone whose language is difficult for you to speak and understand, so now, Pomegranate has solved this problem and anyone can translate his voice in the language others can understand. One should speak in front of the phone and then the speaker after translating it speak that sentence in the language in which you want to translate it. With Pomegranate translator language is never a barrier.

The blade on the top of Pomegranate can give you the convince of shaving anytime anywhere, you can also use the shaver when even you are attending a call. And with the help of coffee brewer anyone can make coffee anywhere, and Pomegranate will serve you coffee in 30 seconds.

Its projector function can also fascinate you as you can display your business presentations in office and at home can watch movies by playing a movie in your mobile and see the picture on your wall.

See the above video for better idea.

Telson TWC 1500: Watch Camera Phone

Telson TWC 1500 is a watch cell phone with 330,000 pixels camera resolution. It is built for young generation and weights approx. 98grams. Its packs a lot of features in it, Voice recognition, camera, infrared, polyphonic ringtones, loudspeaker, and storage for phonebook numbers.

Its battery time is 100 minutes talk time, and standby time is 150 minutes. And you can also set colors for callers from its collection of 7 colors.

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