Top Unforgettable iTunes Add-on

Posted on 31 January 2010

Foxy Tunes

Foxy tunes allow you to experience every media player, including iTunes, which is quickly accessible from toolbar. You got the feature of Play, Pause, Volume Control etc. and with all these you can also access to the lyrics, artists data, album and so on. It works with Internet Explorer and Firefox both.


With moody, you can get short out of music which you want to listen in different moods, and organize it in your iTunes. And once you are required to organize the music, and after that rest everything to moody add on.


It typically works with most of the known music players, including your iTunes. G-Force is a cool visualizer. Its paid version is good. Even free version also gives features which are unique, but in free version you will suffer from a 5-10 seconds add, though its not take too long.

Playlist Vault

With this you can backup online your iTunes playlist, it only backup playlist and not music files. It will be helpful if you lost your playlists accidently.


It is an amazing add on and most helpful one. It will adjust the volume of each track automatically, so you don’t have to adjust the volume while changing tracks.

iSproggler (Windows/ Mac)

If you are using then you will surely need these two light weight add on, these can send iTunes playing info. to your account on It’ll be really helpful.

The Filter – Playlist Generator

If you have an unlimited collection of songs, and want to organize them, then you’ll need this smart application to organize a large list of songs in to automatic generated playlists. The Filter can be introduced in other words as: “Our Advanced Recommendation Technology makes great playlists quickly and easily from your music collection.”

Simplify Media – Share Library

If you have a large music library, and wants to share some great and most unique songs, which you want to send them, there is a way now to do that, now with Simplify Media you can share songs with your friends and family, and they can stream these songs anywhere they are.

You also don’t have to be restricted on the same network. And in the same way, you can also get the shared songs by your friends.

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