Top iPhone Apps Of The Week

Posted on 25 January 2010

Here are some best iPhone applications of the week that are chosen by our editor.

1. White House

If you either love Barack Obama, or hate him, or just want to remain in touch with whatever is happening in the White House, use this app to get all the latest updates.

2. Voice Band

Simply sing into your iPhone and let Voice Band approximate your tones into a variety of instrument sounds, and maybe a full track too, depending upon the time and effort you put in. Available for $3.

3. SkyBox

Although it is a simple game, but it will held you captive. You guide blocks of different shapes as they fall through holes in walls of changing but generally accommodating shapes, making you tense every time the block passes, keeping your fingers crossed whether the block will pass or not. Available for just $2.

4. Qik

You can now broadcast video over the air, even from non-3GS iPhones for free using Qik’s video streaming app.

5. PhotoTropedelic

PhotoTropedelic allows multiple filters, by interpreting sections of photographs and applying different filters to each. Instead of a hodgepodge of various colors, you can get stripes, stars, and other designs. Moreover, it also allows you to export to scalable PDF, to see what kind of results you get. Available for $2.

6. iTrust

Helping you to keep your emails and messages safe, iTrust displays a fake, dead homescreen, recording any attempts that the user makes on the screen, so you can see who intervened on your phone. Available for a dollar!

7. GTA: Chinatown Wars

This game is exactly the same game as you get on the PSP or DS, i.e., a sprawling Grand Theft Auto title in a 3D style, which costs around $30 on those platforms, and is available on the iPhone for $10. This game is one of the most visually impressive games available on the iPhone.

8. Finger Physics

A fantastic little stacking game, which uses a very simple concept of stacking your pieces, some of which have special functions, until you hit your goal. Available for $1.

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