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Posted on 03 January 2010

Most of the phones, including the Motorola Milestone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and the HTC Tattoo. Although there aren’t many apps around for Android as compared to the iPhone but Android Marketplace is catching up fast. Here is a list of some of the top apps available for Android.

Photos and Video

Photo Effects
A great little toolbox to put some effects and filters in your pictures, as soon as you capture them, right on your phone.

If you find Photo Effects too complex, then go for PicSay, as it provides much simpler functions for resizing, color adjusting and rotation of pictures. You can also add some fun captions and speech bubbles for MMS postcards.

Snap Photo Pro
If you wand to get some better results from your camers, then get Snap Photo Pro as it offers various filters for image stabilization using the phone’s accelerometer to detect and correct wobbly hands.

Location-Based and Travel

Carr Matey
If you keep forgetting where you parked your car, use this app which has a ‘mild pirate theme’ as well,  and represents your car’s location with a pirate ship.

Google Maps
There are some great new features from the Google Maps team. The latest version shipping with Android 2.0 now features turn-by-turn mapping.

If you forget to switch modes on your mobile while going to a library, or to work, and get embarrassed when the phone rings with a silly tone, use Locale to change your phone’s settings by detecting your location.

Qype Radar
A great app that helps you find reviews and ratings for places to eat, drink and shop via the Qype community. Using GPS, the app finds shops and restaurants in your area, then lets you search through user submitted reviews or add your own.

Social Networking Apps

Twidroid has a great interface, support for URL shortens and image hosting and colourful themes, along with a few extra features such as access to your follower lists.

Although the Android Facebook app isn’t as good as some of it’s rivals, but it is amazingly fast, giving you instant alerts for events and messages.

Music and Entertainment Apps

Shazam has now become necessary for all smartphones. This app is for identifying music from audio alone. Play the app a bit of a track and it will identify who it is by and what it is called and even help you buy it.

Pandora, which is a Free personalized music station, has extend its reach to Android handsets so users can listen to streaming music on the go. Simply give Pandora the name of an artist or a song and it will play similar music that  goes with your mood.


Remember The Milk
The popular online to-do list has now got the Android app that also has equivalent full features as the website does. You can now create and share lists, link to-do tasks with locations and get your life organized.
If you want to find out the speed of your phone’s internet connection, simply use It will send and receive test data, displaying the results through a colorful speedometer graphic.


The Gmote server can run on your PC enabling the Gmote app to turn your phone into a remote control for running movies and music, controlling presentations and more. The media player remote will even display cover images along with the controls.

Business Apps

Documents to Go (£29.99 for full version)
This professional app lets you carry full Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF documents around on your phone. The free version just allows you to view, but the Pro upgrade will allow editing on your phone.

Financisto is a personal financial manager app to help you keep a track of your in and outgoings, monitoring multiple accounts and producing detailed reports so that you can a keep a check on your budget.

3Banana Notes
With this app, you can easily create multimedia notes on your handset,  automatically synchronizing them to your 3Banana web account. The notes can also be shared via social networking sites, allowing you to add tags to help categorize your jottings and make sense of them later.

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  1. Thanks to Remember Milk Android App my life is a lot more organized! I would highly recommend it.

  2. Karan says:

    Mobiesta is one of the most fascinating app i have come across. It is basically a lifestyle app that everybody should have on their handsets as Mobiesta provides with information related to events happening in our cities with their addresses and contact no’s. It is very easy to use and saves my time and energy . Mobiesta is the app that i would highly recommend to all the users..


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