Top 10 iPhone Games You Must Have!

Posted on 21 January 2010

Although there are millions of games in the App Store, but if you want to save money and space, then here are the 10 best games that you must have.

1. Touchgrind

This skateboarding game was specifically designed for the multi-touch iPhone platform, and provides a completely unique control method of using your fingers as legs on a skateboard. Available for only $4.99

2. Galcon

Galcon is a space related strategy game that lets you play short games. Thus instead of getting involved into games that you won’t be able to finish, Galcon lets you play a bunch of one or two minute games, enabling you to refine your strategy with each game. Lite: Free; Pro: $4.99

3. Fieldrunners

Let me warn you, this game can be extremely addictive! It is a tower defense game that lets you set up weapons to stop soldiers from storming your towers. You earn more cash for more weapons for every guy you stop, and you lose health for every guy who gets through. Available for $4.99

4. Line Rider iRide

You have probably already played this on the internet in some form or another, you draw some lines, then a little man on a sled gets tossed down your makeshift track. It’s interesting enough to play and there’s literally no learning curve, but you can spend endless hours working on your masterpiece of sledding physics. You can get it for $2.99

5. Uno

If you like poker, then you will definitely love Uno, which is a much more fun card game. After all, what fun is poker when you’re gambling with pretend money? $5.99

6. Rolando

This is a great, cartoonish game that has simple controls that are easy to learn, but get more complicated as the game progresses. The game involves controlling a series of little balls, Rolandos, by tilting your iPhone and swiping up to jump. But it is possible to control many of them at once, and there are some obstacles and switches present that you can manipulate. You’ll definitely love this game and become addicted to it. Available for $9.99

7. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

This is simply the best racing game. Amazing graphics, good stability and plenty of variety make this an essential iPhone racing game, for $5.99.

8. SimCity

This isn’t just a version of SimCity, being made for a touchscreen, it’s the complete game, together with advisers and all the building types you can handle. Available for $9.99

9. Touch Hockey: FS5

Air Hockey on the iPhone is exactly like the regular air hockey, excluding the high chances of getting one of your fingers smashed with the puck. Just put your finger on the mallet and try to score some goals. Two people can also play this, with each person holding an end of the iPhone. Lite: Free; Pro: $1.99

10. Trism

This is a classic puzzle game, which makes you get three pieces of the same color together to make them disappear, and depending on how you’re holding your iPhone, the resulting tumble of pieces will happen in a different direction. You can get this for $2.99

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  1. I love the graphics of bejewelled 2, they are very cute and nice. I find it quite an interesting game.
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