Top 10 Firefox Extensions

Posted on 19 January 2010

1. Foxmarks/Xmarks

With time, Foxmarks is transforming into Xmarks, having the same features. It’s keeps your bookmarks and passwords synchronized between different browsers on any platform, and stores them on a site you can visit from any browser where you can’t install an extension.

2. Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is basically a meta-extension which doesn’t do anything by itself when it is first installed; but its power can be seen through the user scripts that are developed by experts. You can program your favorite sites according to your requirements. This means that if you don’t like seeing labels on your Gmail messages, you can use Greasemonkey to alter this, or if you want YouTube to check your bandwidth and load high-quality clips by default, you can program this too. Greasemonkey scripts are available easily over the web, but here is a great site to start off, check out

3. Adblock Plus

AdBlock Plus makes your internet experience much better and with a powerful ad-blocking feed subscription you can get a good start. With AdBlock, you can block any add you find particularly distracting by right-clicking, and it will be replaced with an “Adblock Image.” You can also bring back Adds if u get curious curious.

4. Automatic Save Folder

This tool makes your downloading experience worthwhile by placing all the files you download in a certain folder on your system based on the file extension or the site you get them from. Thus you can set the rules, and place your desired files in their respective folders.

5. Tab Mix Plus

Browser tabs make multi-tasking on the web easy, and Tab Mix Plus is the solution to all your tab controls. With Tab Mix Plus, you can control which links should open in a new tab, new window, or same window, together with many other advanced features.

6. DownThemAll!

DownThemAll is a selective, powerful tool that makes it easy for you to get all the images from a page, all the MP3s from a music blog, or any other kind of filter that you choose. You might not always need it, but it will surely be helpful when you want to download stuff.

7. Better Gmail 2

Want to make your Gmail experience better, Better Gmail 2 turns many of your wishes true. You can exclusively enable or disable any of Better Gmail’s more than a dozen fixes and improvements, according to your requirements.

8. Personal Menu

This tool gives the web content more space to display, by stripping the screen-wide at the top and converting it into a single drop-down menu, and allowing you to choose which of those menus should show up in it.

9. Google Gears

Gears is a simple add-on that makes the internet experience much more useful. It enables Google apps to work offline, including Gmail, Google Reader, Docs, and Calendar and some other apps as well.

10. AutoCopy

If you use copy paste on the web everyday, this add-on will come in handy as it simply copies any text you select on the web as soon as you select it, without the need of Ctrl+C. If you want to do some pasting, simply press the middle mouse button rather than Control+V, and make your life simpler!


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