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Posted on 25 January 2010

A robot is an electro-mechanical machine which can be guided by electronic programming, and thus be the owner of his own tasks. A robot is a virtual or mechanical artificial agent.

ASIMO; Humanoid Robot

The official name is Acronym, this robot is introduced by Honda. And ASIMO is abbreviated as “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility”. Honda claims that the name of the robot is not a reference to writer of science fiction and also the the inventor of Three Laws of Robotics, named Isaac Asimov. As the name suggest it is like a human robot. Its height is 130CM, Standing , approx. 4feet and 3 inches and weight is 54 kilogram(114 pounds). The robot resembles a small astronaut with a backpack and can walk and run on two feet at speeds up to 6Km/h. This robot was developed in Japan’s research and development centre, “Wako Fundamental Technical Research Centre”

In February 2009 there ware over 100 ASIMO humanoid units were in existence. Each 1 costs under $1million to concoct. And some units were available for hiring at $166,000 per year.

ASIMO was first time unveiled in 2000, and then for hiring it was available in 2001.

In2000’s ASIMO model Honda added many features that permit ASIMO to interact better with humans. These features fall under 5 categories:

1. Recognition of moving objects

ASIMO can detect many movements of multiple objects and can also know their distance and direction with the help of visual information mounted by the camera in its head. Common features: ASIMO has the ability to follow the movements of people with its camera, to follow a person, or can detect someone’s arrival and can also greet.

2. Recognition of postures and gestures

ASIMO can also understand the posters and gestures, and it can also interpret the positioning and movement of hand. Because of this ability, ASIMO can be directed through natural movements of human being, and not only react to the voice commands. This feature enables him, to recognize when a handshake is offered and when a person responds with a wave or another gesture. It can also understands the movements and directions by pointing.

3. Environment recognition

ASIOMO can recognizes the objects and terrain of its environment, and gain the knowledge of nearby environments hazards, such as stairs, and by stopping and starting to avoid hitting humans or other moving objects.

4. Distinguishing sounds

ASIMO has now improved the ability to differentiate different voices, and can distinguish between different voices, if his name is asked can respond to it, and face people when being spoken and can recognize the sudden sounds of falling objects, and face in that direction. It also has the ability to answer any question.

5. Facial recognition

ASIMO has the great ability, that he can recognize the faces which are registered in his camera, and can call them by their names, ASIMO can recognize 10 faces individually.

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    The astronaut look is not a good one for a robot of today’s standards.
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