LG Planning to Launch Around 10 Android Phones In 2010

Posted on 14 January 2010

LG Electronics has recently disclosed its plans for the ongoing year, claiming to release around 10 smartphones that will operate under Google’s Android OS.

The company plans to sell almost 140 million phones during 2010, focusing mainly on the smartphone market, aiming to become one of the “top two mobile device manufacturers in the world by 2012.”

The company is striving to increase its presence globally this year. It has already opened about 100 mobile retail stores in the developing world in 2009, and has plans to push into the Korean and North American markets as well.

A special smartphone business division has also been established in the company since last year, increasing its smartphone R&D workforce by 30 percent.

It is expected that LG will launch almost 20 smartphones during 2010, which will run under popular mobile clients in the market, including Android, Windows Mobile and Linux.

The company also plans to launch a 3 Screen Service this year, which will allow users to view identical content on their handsets, PCs and TVs without converting to different formats.

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