In 2009 Firefox shows 40% Growth

Posted on 09 January 2010

The browser market has been raised up by Mozilla Firefox, and it has set up many new records. It has taken huge market shares from Internet Explorer and up till the ending of 2009 the browser has received huge profits.

Variations in levels of rise Worldwide

Firefox that has proved itself to be the browser of choice for billions across the web has seen a growth of 40% around the last quarter 2009. We can see variations in levels of rise all over the world, having Asia recording a 73% rise in Firefox users. In Africa the growth was above 80% and according to the reports most of this growth occurred recently, at the latter half of the year.

Firefox’s Latest Growth Stats reports

According to latest reports, in the last four months Firefox added 22.5 million users daily to the browser’s user base, as compared to 16.4 million of the previous year.

Firefox growth beneficial for beta release

This is a tremendous growth and it has also proved itself to be beneficial for the beta release as well. This has  provided more people to the developer community who are ready to test the beta releases and provide feedback of their experience.

Browser also Expects huge rise in 2010

That is not all, as the browser also anticipates a big rise in the next year as well. Firefox is indeed a very good browser and it has kept attracting more and more users from five years now, but over the last few days the development has paced up. Keeping those statistics in front of us, we can expect a bright year ahead for Firefox.

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