How To Improve Your Wireless Connection?

Posted on 13 January 2010

Although wireless networks are very useful, they can easily be impaired by several physical and networking issues, some of which can be easily resolved to provide more effective service.

As we all know, wireless networks rely on radio waves, thus the things which can disrupt over-the-air television, or radio reception can also cause problems with wireless.

Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you solve issues with your wireless networks.

1. First of all, change your physical location relevant to the router. The closer you are to it, the better, as the wireless signals get weaker with distance. However, it might be difficult to this when you are at a public hotspot, as it will be difficult to tell where the router is. In such cases, walk around the space you are in, watching your wireless signal meter and locate a spot where the signal is strong.

2. When using the wireless network, avoid using microwave ovens. This is because microwaves operate at the same frequency as the wireless networks, and many older ovens leak microwaves. Although they are not powerful enough to cause a health hazard for humans, but they can be strong enough to affect wireless networking broadcasts.

3. Change your antennas as all wireless devices depend on antennas to pick up wireless signals and send data back to the router. These antennas are commonly located in the screen housing of the laptop; so changing the angle of the screen can also help to improve wireless signal. You can also get external antennas for your laptop, but these can be very expensive. Another trick can be to attach a wire to your laptop and allow it to dangle. The wire may act as an antenna to improve radio signal.

4. Switch to some other channel. If you are the administrator of the wireless router, you can alter the wireless channel to another one, which has less traffic. The top channels to use are 1, 6 and 11; as they have the least overlap.

5. If nothing else works, then its about time you upgrade your equipment. Improve your hardware in the router and your laptop, and check your documentation to see which version you are currently running.

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