How To Get Free BlackBerry Applications?

Posted on 31 January 2010

Now you have the option to get Blackberry applications for free, these applications are so helpful that you may be most of the time spent a lot of money on them. But got nothing which owns some unique features like these free software for you BlackBerry device.

Stock View

There are a lot of applications which can provide you the feature with which you can keep the track of stocks, from your Blackberry. But you may know that these all application are not free and for a price which is so expensive to you and the application is not of that worthy to you how much it costs from you. So Stock Viewer has both things combined in it, it is free and with this convinces it is also easy to use, which other application of this genre lacked in them.

You just have to add stock, you wish to keep track, and then the rest is the responsibility of Stock Viewer, then you’ll be able to log in and can check them whenever and wherever you want.

This software is absolutely free, no registration fee,and monthly fee, so enjoy it from Today!!

This application of Stock Viewer is deliberate for Blackberry 7xxx, and 8xxx with application version 4.0 or later and for Windows Mobile 5 or later.

MobiPocket Reader

May be you already know or at least heard about it, with this amazing application you can now open and read e-books on your BlackBerry device. Few years back reading e-books was perceived as an annoying medium to read something, but with the fame of this concept of e-books, various software and applications came out to make it convenient to read any book anywhere.
So if you are thinking of going somewhere then you don’t have to over burden yourself with books, you just have to transfer the soft copy of book in your mobile device and then with MobiPocket Reader read it anywhere you are going. And in that way you can take a short break for reading it, book browsing is also easy with this reader.

Viigo RSS Reader

Viigo RSS Reader Program is designed for Blackberry and if you are unable to read your favorite blog then don’t frustrate you anymore. This program is specially to solve your problem. It’ll be helpful for reading feeds with your mobile reader.

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