How to Extend WIFI Antenna Range?

Posted on 29 January 2010

Now, you have the possibility to turn your WIFI antenna into an extender antenna which costs 5cents to you only, and if you want to buy it then it’ll be in the range of$30, so if you want to spent 5cents then follow these steps.

Step 1

Remove the top of your 1 extra WIFI antenna, you can do it easily with jeweler’s screw driver.

Step 2

In this step you’ll match the range extender form as displayed there, Things you’ll need:

Small gauge of solid copper wire, with insulated or non-insulated, and a wood screw, ruler and a soldering iron.

Step 3

At 2 3/4” make a small bend in the wire. Then, after bending, use the wood screw as a template and make 7 complete loops it is an important step, then bend the wire and rinse out the screw after 7th loop. Now you have to unscrew from the wood screw to remove it from the wire.

Step 4

Now from end of the coil cut at 3/4” measurement. Then after that band off 1/8” of the insulation of the coating on no-insulated wire. (it depends on the apparatus you are using)

Step 5

Cut down antenaa to about 1/4”, and after that band off the insulation by 1/8”.

Step 6

Repair the new antenna onto the cut down antenna. Now you must have to cover both the exposed wires if new antenna and the stock antenna.

Step 7

Use a drinking straw here, which has a larger diameter then ordinary straws, and slide it over the new antenna.

Some fast foods, like MC Donald’s have that type to broad diameter straws so try them.

Step 8

Straw will be well fitted on stock WIFI antenna. And it will surprise you that you don’t have to glue them, because they will stick with each other without any other thing. Just use a black permanent marker professional look.

Step 9 USE IT

Everything is completed now, you will get more output and 5db gain with it. It will work well with both your wireless cards and routers. Now use it with extended range.

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One Response to “How to Extend WIFI Antenna Range?”

  1. LMR says:

    This actually works well. Extending your antenna away from your transmission source to a clearer line of site is the next step. Use good coaxial cable or you will loose more Db than you will gain from moving the antenna!


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