Google Maps For BlackBerry And Other Mobile Phones

Posted on 26 January 2010

Google map is web based mapping service which Google allows everyone to use, without any fee for non commercial use. Now, it is very helpful for tourists and everybody, wants to know the right path towards his destination.storm google maps

In 2006, Google introduced their marvelous Java Application, known as Google Maps for Mobiles. And that application is eligible to run on any java based phone, many features which are introduced in the web based version are also included in it.

On 28th November, 2007, Google Maps for Mobile 2.0 version was released, that version introduced a feature through which anyone can see “My Location”, it was a GPS-like location service, but it doesn’t need a GPS receiver. The software appendage the information by the nearest wireless network and cell sites. Software looks up the location of cel cite with the help of database known as wireless network and cell sites. Wireless network location can be calculated by a method of discovering the nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, and then by using this it foster to the discovery of users exact location.

The order in which these take precedence is:

  • GPS Service, without GPS Receiver
  • Wi-Fi\WLAN-based services
  • Cell transmitter-based services

Software map out the streets in blue color that are accessible with a yellow icon, and green circle represents the estimated range of cell site based on transmitter’s power. The estimate can be more refined by examine the signal strength, that how close the mobile device is to the cell site.

After 15 December,2008, this service becomes available for these podium:

  • Android
  • iPhone & iPod Touch
  • Windows Mobile
  • Nokia/Symbian (S60 3rd Edition only)
  • Symbian OS
  • BlackBerry
  • Palm OS (Centro or newer)
  • Palm Web OS
  • Phones with Java-platform (.e.g. Sony Ericsson K800i)

Everyone, today wants to use the convenience Google Maps introduced to navigate the unknown places.

This program is now giving more and more features every time, not the new addition in this software allows the user to view in the Street View, most amazing advancement, that anyone can decide a route before going some where, there are updated pictures of the streets in Street View mode. And now it is easy to locate the desired place in spite of unclear and hard to understand intersections.

Google Maps are available free for Black Berry customers. With the basic map, you have the option to zoom in and out, and decide the route which best satisfy your need. It also allows you to see the traffic updates, so can better check the route, if you have little time to reach some destination.

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