End Of The World Machine Large Hadron Collider

Posted on 26 January 2010

Till Now, the largest particle accelerator in the World is The LHC- Large Hadron Collider, which will start its working very soon. LHC is the largest machine on the planet, its parameter is almost 27Km and  it is beneath the Franco-Swizz border near Geneva, Switzerland, and 9,300 superconducting magnets in its interior. And it was build with a budget of 4 Billion Euros.

The LHC, Large Hadron Collider is the world’s largest and highest energy particle accelerator, it is propose to collide the opposing beams of any Proton at an energy of 7TeVper particles, or lead nuclei at an energy of 574 TeV per nucleus. It will allow the progress according to expectations in the deepest laws of nature, and it is an estimate that it will address to the most fundamental questions of physics.

As stated above, it is the biggest particle accelerator, but it isn’t only the biggest particle accelerator but also one of the biggest cryogenic systems, in which temperature through magnets can reach almost -271ºC, and using approx. 10.080 tones of liquid nitrogen and 60 tones of liquid helium. LHC is also a machine of extreme heat, because when 2 protons collide, it creates the heat which is 100,000 times bigger than the sun’s core.

LHC is also the biggest detection system which is ever made in the world. And LHC has the ability to detect and save about 600 million proton collisions per second and measure the movement with an amazingly exact precision.

One among many of the goals of LHC, a main goal is to explain the beginning of mass in elementary particles. For this purpose about 2 thousand physicists from 35 countries and 2 independent laboratories matter. Which are JINR (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) and CERN (Conseil Europeen Pour La Recherche Nucleaire).

Some scientist believe that it will cause a devastation of cosmic dimensions, such as black hole, that can destroy the Planet Earth. And few others blame CERN that they don’t get enough knowledge about the reaction and hazards which their researches can made. And another theory is that they will cause a new formation of strange quarks; which will produce chain reaction and will be the cause of generating strange matters, which will be entitled to convert ordinary matters in to strange matters, thus this chain reaction will be able to transform the whole planet in to something else.

Some well known physicists, such as Stephen Hawking and Lisa Randall, and with them some other well renowned physicists stated that these theories are illogical and the results of these experiments are fully tested, and are under control.

Interim,if black hole will be produced inside the LHC, then its size will me much smaller than a sand grain, and wouldn’t last for more than 1×10^−27 seconds, because as the essence of black hole it will emit radiations due to which it’ll dissipate. But, if it can also be presumed that it will remain stable, then still it will give no harm. Black hole will be created on the speed of light(300 thousand kilometers per second), and in less than a second it will escape through the walls of LHC and will move towards the space. The way with which it will be still on Earth is that if its speed will be decreased to 15KM per second.

And any information required for the details of security of LHC can be read at CERN.

How you can presume that? It will cause the Judgment Day to come or its the amazing and astonishing scientific project?

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