Coolest Anti-Theft Gadgets

Posted on 22 January 2010

No one wants to lose, what one has, but many people steal what others have, so there is a good solution for these type of people to use the Anti-theft gadgets, so anyone can secure their products and keep them out of anyone thinking that they can even steal that rough an scratched model of anything.

1. Ugly Digital Camera

When you are traveling, anyone can be so sure that you are worried about your camera, that may be you will lose it. But there is a way, make your camera less beautiful and give it an ugly old look, so no one will try to take that from you. No one will try to snatch that useless, old aged camera. This technique is tested and gave very positive results.

2. IPod case; 80’s walkman look

Now-a-days, everyone has an iPod, which he uses every time, but there is a threat, that someone may notice that you have the latest iPod and may desire to get one like this, or even think to take your iPod, so you can keep your iPod out of the reach of such people.

This cool case of an old walkman phone, can secure your iPod, no one will notice that you have a latest iPod and you can listen to music anywhere, with your old cassette walk man cover. While everyone is walking around listening to their iPods, talking on their iPhone and perhaps even watching a movie on their Zune, you could make sure to remain below the radar, for your music product is just so old, and no one will be interested in your old walkman phone.

3. Fake Security Cameras

If you cannot afford the real security camera, then it is the best way, you can afford these cameras. They don’t record actually, but burglars criminals and another person who don’t want to be get taped and caught doing some thing wrong, they will not come near to your security area. While it wont’ record and provide any real surveillance, it would assist in decreasing the number of that type of people around you.

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