Cell Phone Spying; Are you the Victim?

Posted on 24 January 2010

Cell phones are considered a great facility which has facilitated everyone. But you may not know that may be some one is spying at you. From your wife to your boss anyone can know about every moment you make. Every facility has some bad points, so your most friendly gadget can be used as a way to detect your every moment, without you ever suspect it.

The New Generation Phone Spying

Long ago, in the days of wired phones, the worst was that some one listen to your conversation. But now after the advancements, now many tools are introduced which can work with cell phones and have more powers except only listening to the calls.

Eavesdropping is an easy process. You only have to install this software and you can monitor the calls and even the text-messages. Anyone can find these software, and these tools can help you in tracing anyone in no time. But the thing which is more terrifying is that, you can trace anyone’s location even if he/she is not using her cell phone.

Simple Stakeout

Like CIA style you don’t have to place a bug, for observing anyone. A service called World Tracker can allow you to use the data from GPS systems and also from cell phone towers to tell you the exact place of anyone, whereabouts, anytime- as long as they have their phones with them.

The method is so simple you only have to log in to your account and then add the target phone number. The web site will send a text message to the required number for confirmation. Once the response is sent, then you can trace them any moment anytime and any where. So you can now imagine how easy it is to keep the track of someone. And it’ll display the person on Google Map.

Advanced Eavesdropping

Now there is a way how to know what they are doing, till now you only traced the location, now listen to what they are talking about and what they are doing. You can listen even when they are not using their phone and not talking to some one on phone. There is now a lot of programs which helps in truing ones cell phone into a high-tech long-distance listening device. And the most alarming part is that they even can’t notice that they are being traced.

You can take the example of number one software of this type named Flexispy. This service lets you to catch cheating wives and cheating husbands. This program lest you to listen the conversation. The phone won’t even ring and its owner will be completely unaware that he is victim.

Recover The Data From Sim Card and Smart Card

You may not know about the inexpensive device which can help you to access someone’s phone, and you can read the deleted messages and and even the number which are deleted from a sim. This device also works to recover important numbers deleted accidentally.

Protection and Detecting

Finding spyware is a hard task. So it is easy to take your cell phone to the service provider they will wipe it out and will restore to factory settings, and will clear out any hidden program which is running on your phone. There are also dozen of bug detector available for the protection.

The experts on security have advised some ways to keep oneself from intruders.

  • You seem to have trouble shutting it off, or it stays lit up after you’ve powered down.
  • The phone sometimes lights up when you aren’t making or receiving a call, or using any other function.
  • You regularly hear odd background noises or clicks when you’re on the phone.

It really unlucky that there are not much ways via which you can save your self from cell intruders. But there is a McAfee-style program can safeguard your phone with is firewall. If you will not accept the Bluetooth connections then it’ll also help you to get rid of them. And most important of it is to don’t let anyone to install anything in it, while you are not watching. Otherwise you will be soon unlucky and they will be watching your every step.

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