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Posted on 30 January 2010

iTunes is not so good, that nothing can beat it, and it is also not so fast music player, but because of its fame it is known to everyone. But if you are using iTunes as your basic music player then, there are some add-on which can improve your experience of iTunes. Here take a look.

1. iTunes Synchronization- Sync iTunes with Other MP3 Players

Now, if you don’t have an iPod and don’t wish to have it in future, then it is really helpful for you, because with iTunes Sync you can sync iTunes with any other MP3 player, it is a Windows only program, and it doesn’t matter if it is of any other brand, every brand is fully supported. If you wish to see Mac alternatives then iTunesMyWalkman will surely do your job.

2. iTunes Library Updater- Sync iTunes with any Folder

With this add-on you have the full candor to sync your iTunes with any music folder of your choice. You just have to do, very simple steps, you will tell the application that which is the folder which you want to monitor and then it will add your desired folder in the iTunes Library, and will successfully sync all the changes that you make to them. And simply it can be explained as: if you add a new file to a folder then it will also be shown to you in your iTunes Library. and this process works both with music ad video files.

3. Nutsie- Access iTunes Library Detachedly

Nutsie is a sync tool is for office workers. Nutsie can do an extraordinary job, it takes your iTunes library file and creates an online copy of it. And at the end of its procedure (which is not so difficult for you), you can approach your music library from a PC or even a mobile phone which is web enabled.

4. Bit-tunes (TOP ALBUMS)- Download ALBUMS

Now there is another great add-on for your iTunes, Bit-tunes constantly keep you update with torrents lists for “TOP 100” music albums which are available from the iTunes Music Store.

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