With Installation of MSDeploy ORCS Web Prepares for VS2010 Release

Posted on 12 October 2009

ORCS Web Inc., which is a specialist in Microsoft Windows-based Internet hosting solutions for businesses, is now supporting Microsoft’s newly-released Web Deployment Tool, MSDeploy. This tool has been specially designed for seamless Web application deployment.

Preparation of leading-edge deployment options

While MSDeploy, at its foundation, is a powerful tool that is used by system administrators, a new role is played by it in Web site content deployment for ORCS Web’s customers. Implementing MSDeploy allows developers by whom ORCS Web’s solutions is utilized to prepare for leading-edge deployment options within Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010) before its release.

Supported option for Visual Studio 2010’s

MSDeploy will be a supported option for those who deploy Web sites with Visual Studio 2010’s one-touch feature.

Due to the reason that it only copies the differences to the server, saving time and bandwidth it is extremely fast deploying the Web site. By utilizing VS2010 with MSDeploy command-line complexity is eliminated and it provides the ability to deploy applications with a single click.

Mark folders as applications

In addition to this the developers are able to mark folders as applications when deploying projects, something that is not supported with FTP or xcopy deployments. The tool has been made available for all shared servers that are running Internet Information Services 7 (IIS 7) and the ORCS Web team is able to support it for dedicated customers as per their request.

Deploying content and managing IIS VDirs

In addition to the Visual Studio 2010 as an MSDeploy client, developers can also use IIS 7 Manager for deploying content and managing IIS VDirs and applications. By using IIS 7 Manager, ORCS Web’s customers are able to bundle their site and rapidly deploy the entire site.

About ORCS Web, Inc.

ORCS Web, Inc. is a Charlotte, N.C.-based Web hosting firm that has been providing managed hosting solutions since 1996 for its clients that are located in more than 70 countries that develop and deploy applications on Microsoft Windows® platforms. The services offered by this firm includes shared, dedicated and Web farm hosting, with specialty in ASP.NET, SQL Server, and architecting highly scalable solutions. ORCS Web is known to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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