How to Turn Your Laptop Bag into a Complete Mobile Office!

Posted on 19 October 2009

Entrepreneurs and gadget lovers often like to keep to all their gadgets with them as it can give them a great deal of convenience all the time along with saving their time. Here are some tips to convert your laptop bag into a complete mobile office.

1. Laptop

Laptop is one of the first things you have to keep to do you work anywhere, anytime. Your cell phone, PDAs or iPhone can’t provide you the same facility. Netbooks can also be useful as a substitute for laptop in this case. Whatever you use, laptop or a netbook, keep all important installed in it with fully charged battery.

2. Laptop Bag

Keep the laptop in its bag, so you can travel easily by bus, motorbike or a car. You can use a common two pockets bag for it but six pockets bag can do much better for you when it comes to carry a lot of things with yourself.

3. Laptop Charger

To avoid low battery problem during work, must keep a laptop adopter/charges in your bag. Don’t forget to cover the plug-in pins of adopter with a cap to prevent scratches on your laptop.

4. A Pack of DVDs

Sometimes you need to give someone a copy of your important document, what you will do in such situation. Definitely you can’t give someone your flash drive then what to do? Don’t get worried; a writable DVDs can solve your problem at the moment. So always keep a pack of DVD-Rs to facilitate your work.

5. Stationery

Stationery like pencil, rubber, a ballpoint, stapler and papers etc is the most important part of daily work whether you are working in your office or working outside. So keep a little place for them as well in your bag.

6. Business/Visiting Card

Your business/visiting card can be a source to expand or facilitate your social networking. So don’t forget to provide your twitter ID, links of your website, blog or facebook profile on your business card.

7. USB flash drive

A USB flash drive can solve the problem of carrying data form one place to another easily. Therefore it should also be a part of your computer office.

8. Cell Phone Charger

If you want uninterrupted cell phone talk with your family, friend or clients you must need to have cell phone charger along with a spare cell phone battery.

9. Bluetooth Headset

A Bluetooth connecting device lets you connect your headset with your laptop and enjoy the talk while driving or typing. So keep a Bluetooth headset with you while going outside.

10. USB Hub

Keep USB hub as well to deal with your USB flash drive, mouse, Bluetooth connecting device and other USB devices at the same time; because laptop has only two USB ports are not enough for this. Keep a USB mini cable as well to connect these devices with the hub.

11. Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse can keep yourself from the hassles of wire and can facilitate your working for a long time.

In case the battery of your Bluetooth headset expires, you need a headset as a substitute. Keep an inter-converter as well to connect it with your cell phone or laptop.

A tiny three in one screw driver can help you a lot to deal with almost all types of modern gadgets. Keep it to facilitate your work more.

Suppose you need to clean the sweat from your face, dry your hands after washing them or remove the dust from you shoes; then what you will use? Surely a tissue paper or a cleaning cloth can help you in such situation.

Keep a hair brush or comb with you to have an impressive look all the time.

After reading this long list of items you may think that you need a very large bag to keep them all and it will be difficult to carry this bag; no not at all. You don’t need to worry about it because only a normal six pocket bag is enough for all these things. Try it and enjoy the experience!

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