Drop in Microsoft Bing’s Market share

Posted on 02 October 2009

For the first time since its launch four months ago, the market share of Microsoft’s search engine Bing decreased in September while there has been a rise in its rival Google’s market share.

According to web analytics firm StatCounter, in the US Bing’s monthly market share dropped to 8.51% in September from 9.64% in August.

Global share of Bing

Similarly, the global share of search engine decreased to 3.25% last month from 3.58% in August.

Bing has been launched by Microsoft in May as part of its efforts for challenging the dominance of Internet major Google.

Microsoft and Yahoo! have also joined hands for a partnership that’s main focus was the Internet search market.

Yahoo!’s market share

Globally there has also been a drop in Yahoo!’s market share from 4.84 per cent in previous month to 4.37 per cent in September.

This data is based on an analysis of 4.6 billion search engine referring clicks that include 1.1 billion from the US.

More than 10 billion page loads per month are being monitored by a leading international web analytics firm StatCounter.

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