Dell to Build Android Phone for AT&T

Posted on 07 October 2009

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Dell Inc is planning to launch a smartphone with Google’s Android mobile software on carrier AT&T’s network, which will be launched as early as 2010.

According to the report, the phone will be similar to Apple Inc.’s iPhone, having a touch screen instead of a keypad as well as a tiny camera. Dell’s AT&T phone is similar to a device Dell showed in China in August, but has some different features.

By launching the phone for AT&T’s network, Dell’s would make its first jump into the competitive U.S. cellphone market. There is news circulating that Dell is also in discussions about offering the Android device on other U.S. carriers.

But when he question was asked from a Dell spokesman, he declined to comment on Dell’s U.S. cellphone plans, but said the company is "focused on mobility" and is continuing to work on the cellphone project in China that it announced in August.

Another representative for AT&T also declined to comment, whereas a Google spokeswoman said the company cannot comment on what others are doing within the Android ecosystem.

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