6 Ways to Fix your Laptop

Posted on 20 October 2009

Our life today is impossible without technological means. It is the demand of today that everyone must have a computer system, a laptop or a note book with himself to cope up with today’s world. Our laptops are persecuted by a lot of damages daily, no matter how much we take care of them but they usually bang up with something surely at some time. Some people believe that the notebook damage are only repaired by the professionals who are into this industry, its wrong we can fix some of their minor destruction at our home with our common tools and accessories.

By using couple of decrepit banged notebooks, I will demonstrate you how to repair from broken case and shred charger cord to a miserable fan and clawed screen. Every reformation activity needs specific expenses, tools and time to work on. Ensue the directions one after the other and get your laptop fixed but keep in mind your laptop might be different from the one shown and you may need some different steps to fix them up.

Supplementary note:

As I have done the improvements in the notebooks, it’s no way like having the correct parts to get fixed. Many laptops keyboards look similar but they are in fact very different and a problem may occur if they are not fixed up properly. Methods to fix up your notebooks are under but they are just an example of what is present on the shelves in market. If these do not work go E-bay to fulfill your requirement.

Go through the examples and problems and you may get your laptop fixed without taking it to the computer shop.

Problem # 1:

Shred Cord of the Charger

Expense: $5 to $15
Time it will consume: 1 to 2 hours
Requirements: Silicone sealant, painter’s tape (it is less gummy as regulars are), protective gloves (as per choice).

A frayed power cord can be hazardous.

As a notebook is a portable device and it is plugged and unplugged many times in the same day, the cord or its connector can be surpassed to shred its cord. If this occurs immediately change it so it does not be able to create problems for your system. Latest power adapters have AC power cords which are less expensive and available at famous stores. As per the other problem that is the connector then its replacement can cost you from $50 to $75, because you can only get them from the respective manufacturers as Shop for Battery, Laptop Traveler.com or Notebook AC Adapter .

Otherwise repair it at your own!!

A fastest and easy way to fix a shred cord:

Twirl electrical or duct tape around the affliction or for a long term result fix it with silicone sealant that is available at hardware stores or super markets that will insulate and keep it safe.

Spread a broad strip of painter’s tape with its gummy side downwards and put the shred area of cord on it. As the sealant will not adhere with the back of painter’s tape in the cases it is with paper or plastic, and the painter’s tape be struck off when the work is finished. Now push out a multitude of sealant where it is needed, cover the damaged part with its coating. Avoid contact with skin. Now leave it for an hour or two and the remove the cord from the tape and tape from the table and you are done with its fixing and it’s no more harmful.

Problem # 2

Fractured Case of the Notebook

Expense: $15
Time it will consume: 2 to 3 hours
Equipments: Epoxy putty, sandpaper, razor blade, Sharpie marker or paint, gloves (as per choice)

On descendents of notebooks they usually hit the corner side as it is one of the fluctuant parts of the case. Laptop shown in the picture dropped down to the floor from hand and caused this breakage. To fix it use epoxy putty to fill in its broken area. It is available at hardware stores costing $ 4 to $6, use the putty that does not get set hurriedly. Clear yp the damaged area for any small broken pieces or dust, now mix the components came with the putty in your hands, press it into the hole and use a stick or spoon’s backside to shape it as per the damage. Shape it as per your requirement and clean up the extra before it get dried.

Leave it for an hour and then you will feel it as firm as your notebook’s original body is.

For little more finishing smooth the epoxy with 150 and then 220 grit sandpaper and give it final sanding with 2000 grit paper and wet it up a little to cover up any claws.

The putty color usually do not match with the note book color, if the damage is a little then it may be cover up with the permanent marker else use enamel paints which cost is about $5 and with brushes it is of $10, it helps the notebook look as nothing ever happened to it.

Problem # 3:

Deleterious Fan:

Cost: $15 to $25
Time it will consume: 1 hour
Materials: Screwdriver, compressed air, replacement fan

A blatant or damaged cooling fan inside the notebook cause many problems as it does not provide necessary cooling that result in heating it up. A simple way to mend it up is given here that is cheap and easy as well.

If your notebook is making blusterous sounds try this remedy for it.

Insert a plastic straw from a can of compressed air into the ducts of your system where the exchange of air occurs. Blow out the dust from these ducts as much as you can.

Now if it does not work, open up the casing of the notebook. Open up all the screws at its bottom and find the fan and blow the dusts and fragments of it.

Check if something is not into the blades of fan that is disturbing it to work properly. Revolve it with your finger and still if it make noise or does not spin at normal rate its need to get changed.

For replacement first note down its model number and then you may search it online via your search engine and it will cost from $5 to $20.

Now when you have bought the new fan take out the old one, unplug the fan’s power connector. Roll back the screws around the frame of the fan and then put out the fan. Some of notebooks fans are connected with a heat pipe, and a graphic chip. Try not to bend the heat pipe as it will create problem in the working of fan accurately.

Now put the new fan into the frame and screw back all the nuts you took out. Now turn on the machine and wait for the system to get heated so the fan starts up, once you verify that its working screw back the bottom of machine and start up your work.

Problem # 4

Saddled Key:

Cost: $10 to $100
Time: 10 minutes to 1 hour
Requirements: Screwdriver, replacement keyboard for your system

The most known problem in the notebook is with its keys that usually either they stuck or get damaged. Let’s change your existing keyboard with a new one, all which is required is a new keyboard that cost about $15 to $100. You may use a second hand keyboard as it will not look up unique within your notebook.

Many of the laptops have the screws on upside and some of them have inside the case. After finding up the screws open them up. Now lift the keyboard and assure that the ribbon cable is unplugged that connect it to the mother board.

Now place the new keyboard at its place and screw it up, snap the lock bar into again. For confirmation check all the keys so none of them is damaged because it happens with new keyboards as well that their keys are broken or damaged sometimes.

Problem # 5

Clawed Screen:

Cost: $5
Time: 5 minutes
Materials: Toothpaste, cloth, window cleaner

Alternation of screen and its internal electrics is a hard job to do and it may cost a lot. It easy to fix if the screen is clawed little from various sides. Scratches like these can be removed out with a small quantity of the toothpaste and a small amount of elbow grease.

Rub the toothpaste in your thumb and fore finger and gently rub these fingers in circular motion over the claws of the screen for few seconds softly, then wipe them up with a tissue or a neat soft cloth. Clean it up with non ammonia based window cleanser (available at every departmental store).

Problem # 6

Soaked Laptop:

Cost: $4
Time: About 20 minutes
Materials: Towel, screwdriver, compressed air

It happens that whenever a notebook is there a glass of water or a cup of tea is squandered on it!!

Much uncertainty can occur with it that can take your $1000 for fixing this waterlogged job but its far better that you take out the hard drive instead of going to such huge expenditures of buying a new machine or sending it to the repair shop.

If it’s just water or a non sugared coffee is squandered then you can save up your money. Don’t ever switch on your system when it is shuddered with water or stuff like this. If you do so there is a chance that it burst up with an electric shock and a fore going damage. Just dry out your notebook and unplug the machine and take out all the components that can be removed instantly like battery, CD drive, hard drive and keyboard, place them aside to get dried.

Now lean the system on a side so the water can come out of it, try to avoid its contact with the screen and may cover it up with a towel. Shake the system lightly so the water can come out, now use a compressed air blower inside of the case to dry the water as much as it’s possible. When you are certain that the system has dried out, put all the parts together and plug it up. If it works then it’s OK and if it does not then it’s time to get a new one.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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