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Posted on 19 October 2009

As a web designer you must be aware of the fact that things are changing at a fast pace. What is in high demand one day is not on the other. But there is one “new” technology that is growing bigger and bigger in popularity each and every day and that is the iPhone and its apps.

iphone applications

This development is appreciated by all as it can make our lives as web designers much easier than before. The list that I have provided below is just eleven good apps among thousands. You should feel free to comment with your favorite iPhone app for web designers.


If you have a WordPress blog then this app is great and if you are not having any then you are suggested to get one now as it is an excellent way to showcase your work. With the WordPress iPhone app you are able to write posts, manage comments and upload pictures on the go.  As many bloggers are well known of the fact that often your best ideas for articles come whilst on the move.


Download WORDPRESS for iPhone


Do you think it is difficult to stay in control of the accounting? If yes then you will probably like the Mint iPhone app.

This simple tool allows you to stay on top of your finances, watch your investment performance and check your credit card balances. If a web design business is being run by you, then you’ll appreciate the flexibility this gives you.

mint iphone app

Download Mint iPhone Application

Action Method

This app is perfectly suitable for you if you need some help in order to stay organized. Using Action Method you are able to organize your projects; manage deadlines, delegate necessary tasks all through your iPhone; and you can perform all these tasks while you aren’t at your desk! It is a commercial project management app, but I think that the cost is well worth the flexibility that it provides you.

Action Method app



Tweetie is one of the most fantastic iPhone apps that we have ever come across. It includes just a couple of the features. With it you can handle multiple twitter accounts, view replies, direct messages, favorites, post new tweets and retweets. You should download this app and stay in contact with all of your web designer friends.

tweetie-iphone app

Download Tweetie


Are you such type of web designer that is always on the go? Then FileMagnet is the app that best suits you. With FileMagnet you are able to copy files, regardless of file format, from your computer to your iPhone. What it means is that you will be able to work wherever you are.

filemagnet app

Download FileMagnet


Sketches is a great iPhone app by which artists are able to draw all of their ideas using nothing more than your finger. This is the perfect tool for those times when you a brilliant idea comes in your mind and you don’t know where to write it down – or indeed when that doodling feeling comes over you.


Download Sketches


Had this ever happened to you that you have seen a font and wondered what it’s called? Now there is no need to worry anymore as this app will solve the mystery. What you have to do is that just simply take a picture of the text and then let WhatTheFont analyze it. Within just a few seconds you’ll have the result.



Bill4Time Mobile

Being a web designer you are usually charging your client per hour and with the Bill4Time app it becomes easy for you to keep track of how much time you’ve spent on a particular project.

Bill4Time Mobile



Evernote is yet another great app by which you are able to organize your ideas. With it you can take snapshots, record voice memos or write a quick text note. If you for instance have taken a photo of a white board during a meeting then Evernote will recognize the text, and make it searchable for later.

evernote-iphone app


SimpleMind Xpress Mind Maps

Usually mind maps are a part of web designer’s everyday life which makes this app a necessary one for all web designers. With SimpleMind you’ll have a structured mind mapping device having features such as drag and drop, different visual styles and the possibility of sharing the mind map as a jpeg.



CSS Cheatsheet

Even if we talk about the most experienced  web designer then they also need to get back to the basics once in a while. This is a very useful app that contains pretty much all of the fundamental elements of CSS.

CSS ap

Download CSS Cheatsheet

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