10 Really Cool Free Blackberry Applications

Posted on 24 October 2009

Do you wish for a phone that provides you all the applications you require free of cost? Your awaiting moment is now over because blackberry smartphones now bring you a range of free Blackberry applications that you can download easily and make your phone more productive. These phones provide variety of applications which will be discussed below in this article.

The following are the 10 most exciting free applications accessible through Blackberry smartphones.

1. Pandora Mobile

This free Blackberry application is accessible in Pandora. It allows you to perform almost all the functions that can be performed on the desktop version .

Its functions include generating new stations, listening to station generated earlier, rating songs and many more. You can download it through your Blackberry’s browser from http://www.pandora.com.

2. Neosistec CarFinder

Blackberry smartphones also provide an application that can help you locate your car. You usually forget where you have parked your car.

This task can now be performed by this free application “Neosistec CarFinder” by simply marking your location through Blackberry’s GPS.

CarFinder with the help of its Blackberry Maps application can locate any specific position. To download this application, please visit the site http://www.neosistec.com/carfinder through your Blackberry’s browser.

3. Qik Mobile

This application allows you to stream live videos online for free. Moreover, you can also limit access to these videos by setting a password.

However, in order to have an access to this application you need to have a Blackberry model with a camera installed in it. To download this application, please visit http://qik.com/m/dl/brands through your Blackberry’s browser.

4. Google Maps

This application is similar to the online maps site Google Maps. The only difference is that it can be accessed through your Blakberry smartphone. Through this application you can perform several activities like locating directions, searching maps in satellite view and watching traffic and making out your location.

Having GPS installed in the phone can help activities perform in a better way. To download this application, please visit http://m.google.com/maps through your Blackberry’s browser.

5. Palringo

This application is specially designed for instant messaging lovers. All message services like AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and other can be accessed through Palringo software.

Furthermore, you can even chat with other users of Palringo (on a desktop, Android, iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile or Symbian phone) via text chat, voice or pictures. Moreover, it also provides you an option to have a voice chat with your friends.

In order to download this application, please visit http://www.palringo.mobi through your Blackberry’s browser.

6. Boopsie

Explore the articles of your choice on sites like IMDB, Wikipedia, Amazon, Google and other search engines. This can only be done through this smartly designed software called Boopsie.

Through this application you can get access to several search engines and search for the content you require. To download this application, please visit http://www.boopsie.com

7. Viigo

Viigo provides you an access to every day related information like news & RSS feeds, audio clips & podcasts, stocks & money data, weather, sports scores and view local. Hence, providing a wide range of features.

Moreover, book readers will also find this software fruitful and productive. To download this application, please visit http://www.getviigo.com through your Blackberry’s browser.

8. Blackberry Appworld

You can now easily surf through, download and install different kinds of Blackberry applications through this one application.

Application developers add their application to Appworld from where an individual can access these applications, but for this its essential to have a free PayPal account. To download this application, please visit http://www.blackberry.com/appworld through your Blackberry’s browser.

9. Facebook For Blackberry

Facebook, the most popular site that allows friends share pictures, messages and online applications can now be accessed through your Blackberry smartphone. You can not only share pictures but also link Facebook profile pictures of your friends with their contact entry in your Blackberry’s address book.

This is a very unique feature which is provided by this application. To download this application, please visit http://www.facebook.com/blackberry through your Blackberry’s browser.

10. Twitterberry

If you are fond of using Twitter and have a Blackberry, then Twitterberry is specially designed for you.

Through this application, you can not only send out Twitter updates fast and without any difficulty but also see your friends timeline, view replies to your Tweets and direct message your friends. To download this application, please visit http://orangatame.com/ota/twitterberry/ through your Blackberry’s browser.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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